English Half Windsor Silk Tie Knot

Falling in the same category as the Windsor, the Half-Windsor enjoys a professional prestige and polished reputation; however, it’s not quite as bulky, which makes it a better option for narrower collars and softer shirts.

The most traditional way of tying a half windsor knot is –

1. Place the silk tie around your shoulders, top-side up, with the fat end hanging roughly a foot lower than the skinny end.

2. Cross the fat portion over the skinny end to make an X fairly close to your neck (around the second shirt button).

3. Pull the fat end behind the thin end to the right, then up in front of it and down through the neck loop.

4. Pull the fat end over from right to left, overlapping your evolving knot.

5. Pull the fat end up through the loop again, behind what now looks like a nearly complete knot.

6. Bring the fat end back down and insert it through the knot.

7. Finish your knot by tightening it; again, accentuate that dimple.

Another modern way to tie this knot is –

1. Place the tie around your neck and cross the broad end of the tie in front of the narrow end.

2. Fold the broad end behind the narrow end and bring it forward on the opposite side. The left and right sides of the narrow end, and the inside of the loop around your neck, form a triangle.

3. Continue folding the tie over the sides of this triangle, rotating around the triangle in one direction. The sixth fold should bring the broad end up over the top of the knot from behind; push the end down through the loop in front of the knot between the fourth and fifth folds, work out any wrinkles, and pull the knot tight.

4. If the tie is unbalanced, untie the knot and try again giving yourself more or less length to work with.