Necklace Buying Guide

Are you looking for some easy tips to help you or your loved ones in buying the perfect necklace? Just like with anything that you can buy, necklaces come in a variety of designs and types. You can choose, for instance, pear strands, diamond necklaces, pendant necklaces or gemstones. As a matter of fact, you can go for the right necklace based on your style. Read on to know more.

Pendant Necklaces

As far as the popularity goes, pendant necklaces are on the list of most popular products in this category. Often, they are sold without the chain. However, at some stores, you can find pendants that come with the chain. As far as buying pendants is concerned, you can find them in different styles, shapes or colors. For instance, you can buy diamond solitaires, whimsical motifs, cross and so on. If you don’t know the difference between a necklace and a pendant, know that the pendants allow you to remove the chain, but necklaces don’t. So, make sure you know the difference prior to buying the right product.

Pearl Strands

Pearl strands are on the list of favorite necklaces for some people. They are available in different colors, lengths, sizes, shapes and prices. Therefore, you can choose from a whole host of products based on your style and taste.

A pearl one can be a choker-style of 16-inch or an opera style of 32-inch. You can put these on for a stylized look. They can be wrapped or layered around the neck. It’s important to keep in mind that pearls can be baroque or round. Aside from this, they can be oblong or textured shape as well. And the great news is that you can find them in different colors like grey, pink or white, just to name a few. So, you are not bound to buy a specific one.


You can choose from a variety of designs, styles and shapes when buying one. For instance, you can buy a gemstone, diamond, or a simple chain.

Tips for Buying a Necklace as a Gift

If you are interested in purchasing a necklace as a gift, you may find the following tips immensely helpful. Read on.

Check out the jewelry box owned by the person that you are going to buy the gift for. If they have a strand of pearls, know that they may not be interested in another strand. As a matter of fact, they are timeless gifts that don’t go out of style.

Fashion style

Another that you need to consider is the fashion style of theirs. For instance, if they like colors, we suggest that you opt for a good statement gemstone necklace. On the other hand, if they like classic and simple look, you may want to check out a heart pendant or timeless diamond.

So, if you have been looking to buy a quality necklace for your friend or loved one as a gift, we suggest that you follow these tips and you will have an easy time buying the right one.

Sneakerhead Classification Guide: Name Your Passion

Sneakerheads are to shoes as chocoholics are to chocolate. We gobble them up like candy. But not all sneakerheads are alike. Just like some munchers are all about the milk chocolate while others go for the dark, sneakerheads each have their own individual tastes. Still, they band together. Often banded for the brand so to speak. They may want to be like Mike with their Jordans. Or they might be all about the Nike Dunk.

Are you a sneakerhead? Or do you have sneakerhead friends? Just want to be able to identify sneakerheads you encounter in their natural habitats? Learn the secrets of Sneakerheadology.

What Kind of Sneakerhead are You?

As an expert Sneakerheadologist, I’m happy to help you classify your manic disorder or learn to read the signs in others. Jump into the world of sneakerheads and their manifest forms via the four main types below.

By the way, if you see yourself in one of the descriptions below, here’s some advice. Since science has found no cure, I prescribe a heavy dose of buy, buy, buy. It’s always worked for me, and I get so many compliments on my footwear that I must be doing something right.

Sneakerhead Type 1: Hip Hop Couture Sneakerhead

The Hip Hop Couture sneakerhead is a man (or woman) in tune with the beat of the street. These sneakerheads have history. There’s probably no fashion item more closely linked to any music genre.

Sneakers and hip hop have heritage together. Some of the historical favorites? Adidas and Air Jordans. Back in the 80s, Run DMC were kicking Adidas hardcore and even dedicated a song to them, 1986’s hit ‘My Adidas.’ Another monumental sneakerhead event of the 80s: Nike revolutionized footwear with the Air Jordans.

Since then tons of stars have gotten in on the sneakerhead game, launching their own lines of streetwear, complete with freaky kicks. The limited edition masterpieces can go for hundreds or thousands of dollars. The most sought-after Wu Tang Dunk Hi’s have gone for as high as $7500. For us mere mortals, you can find some hot Nike Dunks starting from about one-hundreth of that price.

Sneakerhead Type 2: Performance Junkie Sneakerhead

The Performance Junkie is the hypothetical target market for sneakers. They might not be the core market anymore – even if the sneaker companies pretend like they are sometimes – but they are still key to the sneaker business.

Athletes are probably the purest breed of sneakerhead. The Performance Junkie constantly scours the horizon for the next big thing in his sport of choice.

Imagine what the world was like pre-rubber-sole. Now think about the performance engineering of today. We’ve got sneaker labs. Sneakers get the attention that goes into developing a jet engine. Scientists and engineers are constantly searching for that extra inch to the jump, the extra feet in the sprint, more grip, easier pivot, a lightness of being.

Sneakerhead Type 3: Urban Legend Sneakerhead

Sneakerheads cosmopolitan. Many Urban Legends hit the pavements in the cities of the world. Even if they’re not dwelling in the Big City, they’ve got the Big City mindset.

What’s on the feet of these sneakerheads? Alexander McQueen, Diesel, Dsquared2, plus all the small labels that are big on style. Sometimes Urban Legends go for the sneaker specialists, and sometimes they opt for the sneaker lines of top fashion designers. Either way, the Urban Legend is a connoisseur of design. He’s fashionably manly from head to toe, with a hawk eye for foot fashion.

The Urban Legend sneakerhead can talk about sneakers with the passion of an art critic. And he may be willing to pay top dollar for a true work of art. That comes in a box of course.

Sneakerhead Type 4: Joe Friday Sneakerhead

Joe Friday is a sneakerhead by default. He’s the normal, everyday man’s man, and real men wear sneakers.

Maybe he likes to watch sports or he’s got a game of his own that he still plays from time to time, but he’s not competing for titles. He doesn’t need the professional edge to his game that the Performance Junkie absolutely requires.

Joe Friday might not recognize many of the brands loved by the Urban Legend. Yamamoto what? And he might not have a clue who a hip hop star is if he sees one, much less which brand of shoes they’ve had custom made. But he feels at his best in t-shirt, jeans, and his favorite pair of sneakers.

The Joe Friday sneakerhead doesn’t really care about fashion or engineering, but he appreciates a good solid sneaker. Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Asics, Puma, Adidas, etc. He’s a fan of the simple sneaker basics.

Getting Classy

So did you figure out your class of sneakerhead? Run with your flock or carve out a sneakerhead niche all your own. We have so many choices of sneakers today that the world is your proverbial oyster. Slurp it up.

Beauty Tips & Ideas: Nail Fashion Guide

Nails take the attention of designers and trendsetters all year round. High-end brands come with several launches every season, just to ensure we have all the colors and designs that we desire at all times. With all the nail colors and polish available in the market, which are the ones we should adopt this summer?

Summer is the time you choose colors you’d steer clear from the rest of the days of the year. Unexpected, bright, trendy, neon… are all adjectives of the colors of your time at the pool and during festivals and vacations. Go for colors that are less predictable; grab some hot pinks, blue navy, turquoises, oranges, metallic…

So what’s the latest in nail color trends? What are the newest summer nail arts? What about the nail shapes and lengths? Here are some beauty tips and ideas.

Minty Fresh

Light green come along with bold blue to highlight summery days at the beach and fresh light cocktails. Don’t forget the seafoam green, or what it is also known as blue-green that looks beautiful on natural nails.

Blushed Shades

Nail polish colors ranging from light pinks to sweet purples all come in handy this season.

Polish in Love

Classic reds, cherry reds, red nacre… never go out of style! Reds are nail-color staple no matter what the season is. So if you are addicted to red, choose cranberry red this summer.

Melon to Earthly Feel

Lasting from last year, oranges and nudes still take over the nail polish colors world! Choose a touch of peach for a 70’s feel.

Navy Blues

The dark navy blue nail color hits the market, and comes with much glitter.

The new polishes are perfect for both fingernails and toes, and also look great with different outfit styles such as classics and fashionable jewelry.

Best Nail Shapes For This Season

This season, nail shapes don’t have to be really tall and pointy to be adorable. Short, square nails come in handy, especially with dark hues such as dark navy. Trim, natural- shaped nails are also in fashion this summer. They are best for nude colors and beiges. Rounded nails are taking much attention this year, as they are a hit from the past, and they are best with gray nail polishes. Long, almond-shaped nails are not a necessity this summer, yet they are required with red nail polishes.

Share the nail shapes, colors or designs you mostly rely on in summer.